Braida Srl and the project Concepts dedicated to the contract supplies

Manufacture of classic and modern seats, tables, doors, furniture and furnishing.


Braida Srl is a young company, created by people with twenty years of entrepreneurial experience of interior decoration..

The high skills in the production combined to the design and materials knowledge, with a long International experience in more than 40 countries, allow Ortolan Interni Srl to reach different markets and cultures, taking advantage of the potentialities of the productive districts located in the Italian North-East.

In order to meet better own customers' requirements, Braida e Ortolan Interni Srl has invested on a specific project called "Concepts", dedicated to the production of seating, tables and components, either in classical and modern sector.

Concepts is distinguished by its ability to use the best materials applied to numerous functional and innovative solutions; a rigorous study aimed at obtaining stylish, practical and comfortable products, designed specifically for restaurants, hotels and communities.

Along this road, Collects even greater successes, thanks to the ability to provide technical and design solutions that best interpret the intrinsic characteristics and the expressive potential of the materials. Concepts stylish and practical products meet important customers in Italy and abroad.

People behind the project

Braida's family joins the project Ortolan Interni  Lorenzo Braida Sales manager for home furnishings. Son of entrepreneurs who have been engaged in the Manzano chair sector for over 40...


Why choosing Concepts?

Some good reasons to rely on Concepts: 1. Experience: for over 40 years in the manufacture and supply of chairs and tables; this can always allow solving the technical problems of the...


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