Customized products

It creates optimized designs to obtain maximum efficiency of manufacture and testing.

This service is primarily aimed at customers who need to develop an idea into a manufacture. Concepts may be the ideal partner in this, dealing with all phases of project development:

  • defining the specifications with the customer;
  • preliminary draft: feasibility study and costs assessment;
  • consultancy for the manufacturing technique best suited to the product and its volumes;
  • building and testing prototypes, according to the specifications of the series manufacture;
  • designing and manufacturing of manufacturing product tester;
  • starting the series manufacture.

In this case, our experience in design and manufacture of chairs allows us creating projects that take into account not only the performances required and the cost of materials, as usually do all the designers, but that are also optimized for maximum efficiency of manufacture and testing, best using the resources chosen.

Transportation and Logistics

Consulting on logistics, management of the move, on-site installation and packages recovery.

With over 40 years of activity, upon request, Concepts can deal with the handling of goods, by offering a complete and accurate service, ranging from initial consulting on logistics management of the shift to destination, as well as on-site installation and any packages recovery.

In case the customer has the need to group shipments from multiple manufacturers to optimize the loads, Concepts offers a service of logistics, management of the goods and any packaging for specific needs, such as airfreight.

The logistics services are carried out professionally and with great prices: experience and professionalism of the technical staff provide a perfect goods management for every stage of the shipping, packing and storage, from delivery to final assembly.

A good logistics service is essential to ensure a safe and certified operation:
improvised transport could compromise the quality of the goods and, above all, there can be waste of time and investments.


Shipping and packing

Customizable to reduce costs and reduce customs duties.

Thanks to the valuable know-how acquired over time in the export sector, Concepts may meet your needs with the best quotations on the delivery method of the products ordered. Chairs, tables and other products can be shipped raw and/or disassembled to reduce the costs of shipping and import taxes.

In addition, packages are accurate and customized according to the country of destination, in order to reduce the cost of transportation and/or reduce the customs duty revenues.


Concepts ensures fast and efficient support service.

The after-sales service in the furniture industry is an essential feature that denotes the quality of a company. Concepts guarantees its customers the security of a fast and efficient after-sales service. Any problem should occur; we will resolve it with the utmost care.

Any problems in the arrangement of the products, supply of spare parts due to wear or damage, major extraordinary maintenance operations such as the rebuilding of the tapestry... are resolved quickly by trained and qualified personnel.

Concepts, a service that continues after delivery.

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