Warranty terms

Braida e Ortolan Interni Srl guarantees its products for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery.

Warranty terms

Braida Srl at its own discretion and expenses may chose to repair or to replace the goods.

This warranty is subject to the following restrictions and waivers:

  • 1. Warranty covers production defects. Warranty does not apply to parts which are subject to wearing out, like upholstery, gliders, wheels, etc.

  • 2. Braida srl reserves the right to make a damage survey on defective products which shall remain at its disposal until the replacement/repair has been duly made. Shipping charges, for damage survey not done at delivery place, shall be at buyer’s cost.

  • 3. At Braida srl own discretion repairs may be made by a local workshop, instructed so by the same. Shipping charges, from Buyer’s place to the chosen workshop, shall be at Buyer’s cost.

  • 4. Braida srl is entitled not to apply the present warranty whereas the damage could emerge from:

    • a. improper use of the product;

    • b. lack of observance of maintenance instructions;

    • c. safety and/or cleaning instructions as published in the "User's Product Guide" and on the website www.contract-concepts.it;

    • d. changes or adjustments made by a third party or unauthorized personnel;

    • e. unpacking of the product from its original box for transport operations;

    • f. transport.

  • 5. This warranty is the only offered by Braida srl. No other implied warranty, included warranty of merchantability applies.

  • 6. Braida srl shall not be held responsible for any such direct or consequential damage suffered that is remote, special, or necessary.

Warranty claim conditions

All warranty claims shall be forwarded by fax, e-mail or registered letter to Braida srl within 8 days from defect discovery, together with the copy of the purchase invoice.

Warranty shall not apply, in case of no compliance with the above mentioned instructions.

Returns of defective products will not be accepted unless previously authorized in written by Braida e Ortolan Interni srl.

Defective products to submit to damage survey shall be returned properly packaged in their original boxes.

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